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**Keep in mind that your student email account will be the main form of communication between you as a student and Lanier Technical College. Please remember to check it regularly!

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Student 密码 Information

The default password is your date of birth in the format of the abbreviation of the month (three characters with the first capitalized), followed by the day and four digit year.  For example, 1月uary 3rd, 2002 would be: 1月032002.   BEFORE YOU CAN ACCESS BLACKBOARD OR BANNERWEB, you MUST change your password away from the default.  登录到 or use a computer on campus to change your password.  This is a one-time requirement to change it AWAY from the default.

If you aren’t required to change your password at login to the link above, you can change your password using 这篇文章.

所有的学生, you will use the same login information for 黑板上, BannerWeb, and Campus Computers.  The username is your full email address.

Students that do not know their username and/or email address can access that information by visiting The student will have to know their student ID number (910xxxxxx) when they get to this page.

You may also find helpful information in our 知识库.

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